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Kali is Charon's twin. They were separated at birth and Kali was raised by a mysterious race of Shadow people who basically raised her to be evil but be aware, she IS evil in every way shape or form and there is no level she won't stoop to, to get what she wants, this includes spying on her own sister, manipulating her family, killing people who get in her way and torture is probably her favourite thing in the whole World.

She intends to marry Mortismere because she wants to have everything that Charon has, she's basically a jealous and twisted sibling.

No one really knows much about her childhood and she refuses to speak about it but its obvious that she's vicious because of the way she treats Mortismere, she has no fear of him or his associates. She seems to know what people are thinking before they act and always seems several steps ahead of everyone. She has one flaw though, Charon can read her mind and she can read Charon's and as twins they can't simply ignore one another. This means they often cross swords with each other on a regular basis and its usually not very pretty!
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