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Moebius is the son of Kizmat and Charon Death and becomes the CW Chairman after winning a match set up by the previous Chairman, Gunther. He wins with the help of Mr Gray and the win secures him the Chairmanship.

Moebius has two personalities in perfect balance with one another, there's Moebius who is fearless, brave and strong and has a lot of his fathers characteristics and then there's Augustus who is scared of the dark and fears many things except computers, its this side of his personality that his mother identifies most with. This means that not only is he very handsome and intelligent, he is also fair, something Alex Arcane dislikes about Moebius a great deal.

As a child Moebius suffers a great deal at the hands of Mortismere, something his mother regrets and often gets angry about but Moebius is unusual in that he can balance perfectly between right and wrong, light and dark. He fears neither Alex or Mortismere and is aware of what he's capable of. Its Moebius who is responsible for stopping Queen Lillith, Fein Dacor and Mortismere from taking over the Earth by unleashing his inner power and becoming a demon like both his mother and father.

Moebius looks human like his mother but has the build and size and tongue like his father Kizmat.
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