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2010 was a wild and unbelievable year.... It is amazing to believe at one point the world was at the brink of destruction by the hands of The Dark Sincentius. Then, the NSA Broadcasting takeover followed by the restructuring of the CreatureWrestling company.... still, even with the Arcanes not at the drivers seat- Richard Arcane's lawyers have been working around the clock in to shifting the company back to Arcane rule.

On another front, the CW wrestler's themselves have been at each others ends.... more specifically over the greatest prize that this world has ever witnessed in this sport-- the iconic CW Undisputed Championship title. At the start of 2010 the title was shrouded by darkness as Lord Mortismere acquired it and seemed to be unstoppable... until... a ray of hope in the form of Branden Harvey came into the picture and won an upsetting victory over the Lord Evil- with the title now out of the hands of evil- the wrestling company stirred into a positive and fulfilling direction with a NEW generation.

While on the other hand- Charon, Darkspade, Brand-X and Moebius were preoccupied throughout the year with their own ordeals. After Crimson and Angel were abducted by DrkSide and F'ein Dacor- Charon Death went hysterical and even surrendered herself to EVA_CORP.... to.... F'ein Dacor himself. As a test subject, Charon was transformed into the new Evangelion. An improvement over the original Evangelion, the son of Kizmat and one of his whores, Markus. No one realized Charon's true agenda- including that of her father, Darkspade. And during months of captivity, Crimson was expertly exposed to the Limelight.... an ethereal plasma of life energy harvested from the bodies of Creatures... used to fuel Lilith's army of Scientists (clones of soulless Kindred). All the while, Darkspade, Brand-X and Moebius sought a means to enter Neo-Earth and to save Crimson and potentially Charon from the grip of evil-- and after many unusual leads left by Charon herself.... our heroes uncovered a startling truth that in fact, Alexander's death was staged. After confronting the majority stock holder of CW, Reverend Jones, in the CW HQ penthouse- Darkspade and Moebius discovered the key wavelength required to activate the sensitive harmonics of Gunther's wig which was saturated with that of the contents of the Twilight Phial. However a startling truth was uncovered by Reverend Jones- that Jones was once a creature of the night but turned back into a human being curiosity of Kizmat's technology. This startling revelation explained Jones' bizarre attachment to the "word of god" and his resolve to rid CW of what HE considered to be evil. Our heroes had to make an escape since time not a luxury but nonetheless the more we know about Jones the more disturbing the outcome.

Armed with Gunther's wig and the correct frequency- our heroes entered through a portal powered by Technocracy.... and into the parallel dream-world created by Lilith's slumbering mind.... Neo-Earth.

After long last- Charon was introduced to Lilith through a virtual reality simulator- gaining access into the mind of the most destructive and dangerous being ever. At first, Charon was obedient and inched closer and closer into securing a connection with Lilith. However. The nanobots which have been long an ally- finally unleashed its true purpose. On CM 7- before Evangelion was killed by F'ein Dacor- the chip installed into Charon's body contained the nanobots which contained Markus' memories. When Charon confronted Lilith- Markus made his move... which jeopardized Charon's months of planning and turned it into a rush job. Charon was unable to fully destroy Lilith- but was able to set off the self-destruction of Lilith's hive... however, Lilith was cunning enough to infiltrate and re-program parts of the nanobots which corrupted Markus' mind. Markus, now fabricated into a physical form through the nanobots, saved Lilith by transporting her into Earth!! This was against the nature of Lilith's own confinements because her essence was still trapped in Dalkiel's Dreamscape for all eternity. HOW then was Markus able to do it?? And with Lilith now in our world, still slumbering in a pod, Neo-Earth still existed. There had to be some reason for how this came into being.........

With our heroes how safe in this world, all seems to have settled down. Or has it?
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