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((note: There was soooo much going on that it is an undertaking to document everything. Big apologies if I am inaccurate or missing stuff. This is a summary of the main storyline for those that weren't there to read and understand the background of CW))

Main Storyline passed CWE closure:

The fall of CWE came as a result of Alexander Arcane securing the CW Undisputed Championship and refused to defend it for all time. This broke the original pact between Kizmat and Alexander Arcane's father- which was, through Kizmat's power he was to deliver onto CWF a roster of Creatures. In return, with each title defense of the Undisputed title- Kizmat's power increased.

Alexander was attacked by Kizmat on the last event on CWE--- and the title vanished. This ended CWE.

5 months later, Richard Arcane invests his own fortune into rebuilding the organization but revamped it, renamed it and improved it. And called it simply as: CreatureWrestling (CW) symbolizing that the organization was the leader of its own sport.

Without Kizmat's support- it was difficult to rebuild the organization... but surely over time CreatureWrestling returned to its rightful place.

Of the many original Creature Wrestlers returning to their true home- Gojinn became obsessed with acquiring the CW Undisputed Championship. Another infamous figure was Darkspade and he too was obsessed with obtaining the belt. Eventually these two behemoths clashed-- but Gojinn came on top and became the CW Undisputed Champion since the CWE closure.

During this time, there was a re-birth of the two most legendary factions ever in this sport: DX, lead by Pimp; and The Unholy Ministry, lead by Darkspade. After many countless engagements including several epic battles pinning the two factions head to head-- it became a stalemate.

However, evil lurked around the corner.

Unusual happenings were occurring in CW. One was return of Evangelion's diabolical and inhuman reign of terror... the other was surprising and shocking return of the thought to be dead: Alexander R. Arcane II! But even more so, there were unusual sightings of a mysterious figure resembling the image of Darkspade.... Serin Death

Of the unusual encounters, Alexander's return was prominently the most shocking. It all happened when Lord Mortismere was trying to return to our reality. In pre-CW era, Mortismere was banished to Kali-Sheol by the good Lilith: The Oracle. Many disturbing incidences happened and they all seemed to focus on Gojinn. Eventually on CM6 in the debut of the first ever: Torment Chamber match- One of the participants by the name of The Assailant was revealed to be Alexander Arcane!!!

This shocked the entire world- especially Gojinn.

The return of Alexander Arcane created such a stir that even Richard was affected. But for right now, Gojinn was Alexander's primary target. Nobody understood how or why Alexander came back until Alexander exhibited unusual abilities characteristic of The Unholy Darkness. With the Unholy Darkness, Alex played mind games with Gojinn and they clashed many times until eventually Gojinn found out that Alexander's body was possessed by Mortismere.

A NEW pact was formed between Alexander and Mortismere.... and once Alexander obtained leverage as the ECF District Promoter when Evangelion faked Kizmat's identity by assuming a form similar to Kizmat (the previous ECF DP). On the other hand, Lord Mortismere made his triumphant return as an Evil God to destroy Gojinn and anybody else in his path.

But not everything went as planned. Lord Mortismere entered our world as a God but he was weakened... he also carried with him the Dagger of Orgad (an artifact that could kill anything) which was stolen by Pimp and Gojinn. Eventually, Gojinn impaled Lord Mortismere in the dagger but it did not kill Mortismere- instead, Mortismere turned back into a demi-god.

With Mortismere back in our reality and Alexander Arcane- the balance between good and evil shifted drastically within CreatureWrestling and the world. However, luckily Alexander meet his match with a hell bent roster and Mortismere had his hands full with another incredible return.......... Charon of Death!

Charon, after disappearing for nearly 3 years, impacted the sport in ways that nobody could have ever imagined. And the first creature she went after....... Lord Mortismere! However, her memories were distorted and in pieces... she could not remember many events- but she was back and back with a vengeance. At this time, Mortismere reclaimed Castle Mortis from his own younger brother Kizmat... and kicked Kizmat out of the palace. Charon intervene with Mortis' affairs simply by walking straight into the throne room! Mortismere was shocked but oddly aroused... at first he offered for her to take "her place" but she downright refused. In the meantime, a strange mysterious man by the name of Mr. Augustus aided in rebuilding the Death Family's Technocracy.....

During this time, Alexander Arcane's power continued to rise as he commanded the CWE brand. Surprisingly, during this time, Richard Arcane disappeared from public view and traveled on business trips. Then on one business trip- Richard's airplane vanished- later to have been found wreaked on an island. The disappearance of Richard Arcane caused mass panic and chaos in the CW Organization. This sparked Alexander Arcane to take action and much of CW was now under the indirect control of Alexander Arcane.

While DX and UM reignited old flames, Creed running for the Senate and even more disturbing visions of Serin Death were the norm- a sinister ancient evil was lurking behind the shadows waiting for the right opportunity to re-enter our realm...........

Spade's deep dark past unsurfaced as Charon came into contact with him after many years regarding Charon's mother, Julie. We finally discovered that Spade was in fact Charon's father and that Charon was born on the last stroke of midnight with her twin Kali- which was also true for Spade and his twin brother, Serin Death.

Somehow this was the key to releasing Lilith from the dreamscape. Evangelion was ordered by Lilith to seek and kill Charon on the last stroke of midnight on CreatureMania 7. However, Markus was confronted by Charon on several occasions and she manages to release Evangelion's dormant and human mind... eventually on the night of the match itself on CM7... Evangelion refused to kill Charon, while at the same time, Augustus infiltrated Lilith's Hive through a virtual reality simulator and distracted the Queen long enough to seal the gateway between Neo-Earth and Earth.

F'ein Dacor was then ordered to take matters into his own hands- and appeared at the match on CM7... with his joeyuse, F'ein stabbed and killed Evangelion, true name was Markus and killed him on the spot. Charon escaped unharmed but the chip embedded inside of Charon's arm dispersed nanobots throughout her entire body. The nanobots which came from Evangelion changed Charon physically and mentally.

The CW itself was suffering from no true leadership- there was no Chairman/CEO. So the B.O.D conducted a search to find a suitable replacement. Several contenders pitched their bid for the Chairmanship of CW. Surprisingly Alexander Arcane excluded himself from the running. Then finally, an unlikely contender won the election..... Gunther!!

For a brief period of time, Gunther became the CW Chairman and during this time CW was a big party!! But the good which came from this was that the division, B4Pro was created to train and handle new potential wrestlers. However, everything soon changed as Moebius won the chairmanship from Gunther and became the CW Chairman.

However, there was good reason for why Alexander did not join in on the race for Chairmanship- Alexander made a deal with Gunther- Alexander provided the necessary funds and support to win the election. The end result of it all... Alexander Arcane became the District Promoter of not just CWE, but of CW. This change of power rivaled Moebius and Alexander Arcane was hell bent on acquiring full control again over CreatureWrestling.

Once Alexander Arcane assumed control over CW as its sole District Promoter- the shows and ppvs went back to the old broadcasting company Network54.

CW Back on Network54

Once CW went back to its old broadcasting network, the entire organization was bursting at the seems. Just a few of the many things which happened at the beginning included:

1. Moebius and Alexander Arcane: Alex challenged Moebius authority and even hired lawyers to claim that Moebius was incapable of handing the company. While on the side lines, Alexander was in contact with Mortis. It was later found out by Charon that Alexander sabotaged his brother's flight and inevitable caused his brother to "disappear."

2. The Return of the Unholy One: After a lengthy time away from the spotlight- signs where reoccurring that indeed the Unholy One and Only was returning. The last match Darkspade had on the previous broadcasting channel (CWnet) was the Dead Bodies Everywhere match where Spade lost the Undisputed title to Charon- in addition, Spade was visited by an apparition of his dead wife Julie. Eventually as the Unholy One did return- the controversy surrounding Julie's demise began to reveal itself more and more. Darkspade exhibited signs of mental decay and insanity like he has before in the past- but he went a step further and allied himself with his old master, Lord Mortismere to kill Charon.

3. Mortismere and Dark-Kali: Kali and Mortis hooked up but Mortismere was still technically married to Charon. Mortis refused to divorce Charon as it held her to his command. Eventually, Mortis agreed to go ahead with the Divorce if and only if Moebius appeared with the papers. However this plot was stopped when Moebius managed to have his lawyers take on the case personally-- reluctantly, Mortis eventually signed the papers only because his new love interest: Kali Death promised that once they take over the world that Charon could be their slave... secretly, Mortis saw this as an opportunity to still "screw" Charon and Kali at the same time-- a win win situation. In the process, Mortismere granted Kali the same power as Spade.... and she became Dark-Kali of Death.

4. Charon Kidnapped from the Mental Hospital: Charon's mental stability worsened after KOTR. She was hospitalized by Kizmat and Moebius for her own safety. Surprisingly, the nanobots in her body (left over from the chip that Evangelion had her implant in her arm for their one and last match) re-activated and sent Charon in a state of coma. Dark-Kali and F'ein kidnapped Charon under Mortismere's design... however, Dark-Kali had her own agenda while F'ein Dacor was beginning to realize Kali's true nature.

5. Alexander's deception: With Charon kidnapped, Moebius was immediately questioned and contained by the authorities. Moebius was accused of being the last person to see Charon and he had something to do with her kidnapping because of planted evidence pointed to him. Alexander was at the center of the deception and he hired crook lawyers to surrender the entire CW organization to Alex.

6. The Death of Charon Death: Shackled and confined in a prison- Charon had little left to stand up against her sister and F'ein. However, Charon manages to escape but Dark-Kali conjures the forces of Unholy Darkness to kill Charon. F'ein cared little about Charon's life but he was more upset over Dark-Kali's use of Unholy Darkness and moreso breaking the chain of command.... more specifically... challenging Mortis' power. Dark-Kali had plans all along and this was just some of it:
Kali had, had a good day even by her own standards. She’d finally done what she’d wanted to do for many years and that was despatch Charon to the land of the dead. She’d finally be able to proceed on to the final part of her plan without the annoying bitch getting under her feet.

The people who may give her the biggest headache now were Fein and Darkspade. Spade was much smarter than people gave him credit for, not only that he was an underhanded little pain in the arse and he already suspected she was up to something. Fein was extremely clever but was much too in love with the idea of evil to realise what the final plan was and Mortismere was too much in love with her because of her resemblance to Charon.

She already had Daneel working for her so that she would be able to finish the Evangelion project how she wanted it rather than to Fein’s vision. Fein had no real knowledge of the complicated nanobot technology and left everything to the scientists to handle which meant she could stick her fingers in the pie and medal with it without his ever knowing.

Her only other problem really was Brandon, he had taken to disappearing for large portions of time and it puzzled her how he had known that they would have been coming for him. Gray had so far done nothing to cause her a problem and she felt that he was best left alone. Moebius was already being dealt with and so that left only Kizmat. She would push Mortismere to deal with him.
word count: 2219
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