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DARKSPADE is a man that was torn a part by not only his past sins, but the evil that came as a result of his choices. Spade was manipulated by evil that recognized him as a potential threat.

Julie was Spade's first love and they were expecting a child. However, Damien (Spade's brother) and Julie were cheating. Spade found out the night Julie and Damien had sex and Spade became enraged with jealousy and revenge. Damien and Spade had a huge fight and nearly tore the family apart but Spade ultimately decided to drop the issue but he really didn't. Spade was also convinced that the child Julie was holding was not his own. Something vial and evil emerged from within Spade's heart-- an evil entity known mysteriously as Dark Sincentius overwhelmed Spade's emotions and body. At this time, Spade developed a multiple personality. His 'normal' self was in complete denial over Julie's cheating and acted as if they were a happy couple. However, his 'evil' self wanted Julie and Damien dead.

Then one night the Death Family held a grand ball to celebrate Spade and Julie's wedding- but Spade was going to finally confront Damien about the affair. Spade managed to get Damien drunk and steal his DNA... Spade then used ancient arts to alter Julie's child to succumb to the darkness but instead, Julie escaped and ran for her life.

The Dark Sincentius was manipulating Spade the whole time and caused him to follow after Julie into the ancient Death Family temple in the cemetery. To Spade Death, he saw an evil force kidnapping Julie and he was in hot pursuit.

However, in truth, it was Spade that was the running after Julie. Finally, once Julie reached the Temple- Spade killed her and ripped her heart out from her body. Spade believed that the child inside of her was surely dead but before he could do more harm- Damien attacked and nearly killed Spade.

The Death Family was horrified over what happened and exiled Spade forever from the family because he proved to be mentally insane and Spade was convinced that a demon killed Julie even though, Spade was found covered in Julie's own blood.

In addition, the family also wished to keep this horrible night a secret even from Spade-- because, Elders not only found the child inside of Julie born alive but there were a set of twins born on the exact last stroke of midnight... this was foretold in the Book of Prophesies.

Wrestling Name: The DARKSPADE
Real Name: Spade Deathen (changed his last name from "Death")
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 236
Years Wrestling: 11 in CW
Noticeable Mention: Hall of Fame with High Honors
Titles Held: CW Undisputed Championship (4); CW/CWE World Heavyweight Champion (3); CW Dual Core Champion (2); CWE IC (3); CWF Tag Team (2); ECF X-Treme (1); CWF Hardcore (1)

Physical Finishers:

1. Final Guidance (A modified pile driver where the opponent is lifted upside down and dangling from Spade's right shoulder. The opponent's arms are crossed on their chest- Spade typically runs and/or drops his legs outward causing his own weight to drill his opponent's back of the spine into the canvas causing instant paralysis).

2. Gothicrusher: A spinning spear. Darkspade will gain momentum, typically from the ropes. Spade will pivot his left leg causing himself to ram into his opponent while spinning them and himself in mid-air before falling to the canvas.

3. Ace of Spades: A variation of the death-lock. Spade will lock his opponent's legs while they are on the canvas and face down. Bridging over- Spade will complete the move with a chicken-wing lock across his opponent's neck and arm.


It is difficult to summarize the 11 year career of this legendary character but essentially Darkspade has been through it all in the ring. Currently, Spade is the only creature of the night who has had the Undisputed title as many times as he has held it! He was also the first to hold it 3 times and 4 times.

Coming from an extremely rich and powerful Creature Family- Darkspade tends to be extremely arrogant and confident in his abilities to get the job done in the ring.

Darkspade willingly accepted the Unholy Darkness which inevitably caused him to be separated into 3 parts. The part which interacts with the living and in the ring is the Body of Spade Deathen: Darkspade. The part is regarded as the consciousness of Spade Deathen- however, the absence of his soul and spirit causes Darkspade to grow insane at times and unpredictable.

For creature wrestling fights: Darkspade is well known for his unmatched ability to use psychological attacks typically starting from even his ring entrance! Often the entire arena is attacked by the presence of The Unholy Darkness which is at Spade's command. Darkspade is obsessed with his motto: The Darkest Hour Strikes Three... symbolizing that the end is near for his opponent and there is no escape from their untimely demise.

Even though Darkspade is considered a medium-sized wrestler at 6' 4"- his greatest ability is using his own body as a deadly device of destruction. Spade simply will use everything in his arsenal to hurt and destroy his opponent--- even using his own body to do it! So, Spade's style is very hardcore, very brutal and surprisingly very technical. A mixture of high flying and orthodox power moves completes the picture of Spade's style.

Another unique trait to Spade is his ability of longevity in the ring. Because of his separation, Spade has a very high threshold for pain. Even if Spade is pummeled to death, if giving enough time to recover- Spade can develop a second wind and come at his opponent with a vicious streak.

Some weaknesses to Spade's in-ring performance have been noted. One example is that Spade's body can only sustain so much punishment before slowing down. Many wrestlers can knock Spade down- but they need to keep attacking him and not allow him to recover. Another determining factor is that Darkspade is not the perfect high flier- he is a hardcore ring tactician. Spade has a weakness for high flying moves and moves which high velocities. Surprisingly, Spade can survive many powerhouse moves but not too many in session.
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[ CreatureWrestling Undisputed Champion (4); CW Undisputed Dual Core (1); CW Dual Core (2); CWE World Heavyweight (1); CWE IC (3), CWF Tag Team (2); ECF X-Treme (1); CWF Hardcore (1) ]



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