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-------------------STORY LINE SIGNIFICANCE---------------------
*Dylan George is a direct descendant of Altimac's blood line, anciently prophesized to be named Dylious, Protector of the Earth.

(A mortal form of Altimac, savior of the realms, wedded and bore a child…
Many years had come to pass before the last full blooded Scion of Altimac and the Vaolrixous, Julie, walked the earths. As eons upon eons of time passed, the Vaolrixous bloodline weakened as it spread in various regions throughout earth.
All strains of the Vaolrixous bloodline had vanished but one… a fourth of the original blood layed inside a woman, Janette, who wedded a man Brad and had a child.)

Taken from roleplay bored source

*Dylious was foreseen by Altimac to wed a daughter of the Death family bloodline, Angel of Death, and birth a child who would grow to one day save earth.

(“It has come to our attention, through ancient readings, and of our prophets, that a great action must be taken today! To quote the great savior Altimac in one of his final writings:

"Child born of pure Atlantian blood molded by darkness shall make
partner with the child of Death...they shall one day bare womb to the
savior of the earths.”)

Taken from roleplay bored source

*In Neo-earth, Lillith, wrote a foreshadowing poen entitled 'Dylious', that told the events of a man born of mortal blood with the power to destroy the Unholy Empires enemies.

('Ye soon shall day come...
Man born from mortal blood...
Bares holy darkness wretched without love...
Hunt shall he do...
Knowing not of what he knew...
As the Death one by one by his feet...')

Taken from roleplay bored source

*In the late 1950's Mortismere began secretly working with Seer in the arts of Dark Magic and genetic reconstruction, in an attempt to manifest truth in the poem written by Lillith.

*In 1972 a massive coup and exodus of corrupted members of the Watcher's Council began, in attempt to restore order in the balance of good and evil and to begin their work in the Dylious case.

(Somewhere in England…
May, 1972…

A meeting was convening in the Watchers Council…

“You all know why we must be summoned here today…”
The man spoke,

“It seems as if we, The Watcher’s Council, have lost sight of what our true purpose is to the almighty God… over the years there has been corruption throughout the rankings, but as of today that has ended.
“For we were never appointed by Atlantis to prosecute, NAY! We were to be the mortal overseers of our realm…always taking precautions to see that Earth stayed balance in the constant conflict of good & evil!
We were put here by birth right, our fathers and our father’s, fathers held ye’ torch long before us…but we had lost our way, NAY I SAY NAY!”

The congregation stood and applauded the head councilmen as he gave his speech.)

Taken from roleplay bored source

*In 1973, the Watcher's Council knowingly hired an evil outside source, Seer, to genetically reconstruct the soon to be conceived Dylious, with Unholy Darkness, so that the Altimac prophecy would hold true...
Dylious was to be able to use all three of the arts: Holy Light, which he was righted to naturally by being birthed of Altimac's bloodline...
Unholy Darkness, which Seer was to inject into the womb of Dylious's mother...
And Holy Darkness, which would be manifested once a force of darkness passed through a pure medium.

To quote the Wiki definition of Holy Darkness:
The Holy Darkness, unlike it's counterparts (See: Unholy Dark Arts & Holy Light), is the channeling of darkness through a pure medium to be used as protection, absorption or to mend.

Note the word PROTECTION and re-visit the first line.

*November 1987, upon his conception, the fetus of Dylious was tainted by mental and physical deformities. Learning this, Seer, started quickly working on mutating a vial of Mortismere's blood (seeing as how it was the strongest of Unholy Darkness filled blood) to inject into the womb of Dylious

*March 1988, Brad and Janette George, the parents of Dylious, learning of their unborn child's deformities sought out underground genetic surgeons and mystic's to help rid the tain of their unborn child.

(After learning from the family physician that their child too would be stricken with forms of downsyndrom and deformity, Bradly and Janette George, decide that bringing another child with such problems into the world would only further hinder the advancement of man. With only a few months before their baby boy was to be born, Brad and Janette, wasted little time investing into resources and contacts in the black market...)
Taken from roleplay bored source

*June 1988, The George family came in contact with Seer on the island nation of Hati to perform the genetic reconstruction of Dylious. Seer injected Janette with the mutated form of Mortismere's blood. Janette started to vomit out the tainted parts of Dyliou's fetus.

(The man then stabbed a dirty syringe into the arm of Janette, the vial sparkled of a light blue color, shimmering and pulsing throughout it..
The mystic yelled as Janette began to scream,

Blue veins started to flash throughout her body, and her face started to twist and mangle. She then started vomiting a blue liquid and along with it came deformed fetus body parts...)

Taken from roleplay bored source

*July 1988, Janette George gave birth to Dylious who was given the birth name; Dylan George.

*December 1996, for fear that Dylan's powers, if not soon awoken by darkness, would become dormant inside him, Mortismere, staged a vicious attack on Dylan's parents by a posse led by Seer. Dylan's parents were murdered in front of him, causing his powers of Holy Light to first be awoken. The Holy Light, countering with the Unholy Darkness manifested a rare and nearly uncontrollable form of Holy Darkness inside of Dylan Throughout the years Dylan became very unstable and unable to use his powers under his own discretion.

(Nine yearold Dylan and his parents were walking home throughout the alley ways of of Downtown...
The sound of glass being broken startled them, they quickly turned to notice that they were being surrounded on both sides of the alley by local gang members. Within in an instant Dylan's father, Brad, was struck over the head with a ball bat, cracking his skull open and exposing his brain on the pavement...
Janette broke out in screeches as the members of the gang proceeded to hold her down and rape her violently... Dylan stood on, his eyes began to water, the young boy looked into the sky and started to scream.
The tears from his eyes started to convert into blood and the ground beneath him started to shake.
The boy screamed at the gang members as his eyes flashed into a radiant color of blue,
The veins in his eyes quickly turned black and he jetted off after the gang members and started slaughtering them with his bare hands.
His speed was inhuman at best as he appeared in front of one person after another, delivering quick blows to their throats...

One gang member was able to escaped as Dylan clutched his mother and father in his arms.)

Taken from roleplay bored source

*Dylan George had been taken in by his mentor, a former wrestling champion 'The Hitman'. During high school football practice one day, Dylan lost control of his powers that seemed to be activating on someone else's will and mistakenly decapitated a teammate when tackling him.

(Now I knew personally that there was something different about him, when he would get angry his eyes would turn blue and would sometimes even turn black...
Long story short, one day he accidentally killed one of his own teammates after hitting him too hard in practice..."

Jim Ross: "How did he kill him?"

The Hitman: "He decapitated him after throwing a clothesline tackle maneuver. It broke Dylan's heart, I mean really, it did. He lost scholarship offers from USC, Florida and Ohio State...
For the next few years he spent alot of time with me in the dojo, but he'd become overly aggressive, angry and conceded... he decided the life for him was to be part of an Extreme Wresting Federation, so I took him to the most dangerous one I can think of... CW.")

Taken from roleplay source

*March 2010, Dylan broke into the Creature Wrestling Federation under the name Dylan 'The Villain' George, and betrayed his long time mentor 'The Hitman' by attacking him in the ring... Dylan was now under the direct control of Seer and Mortismere's dark powers...[/b
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Dylan 'The Villain' George, anciently prophesizesd under the name Dylious, is a young man torn between his mortal birthing and the supernatural powers that he possess. As the last bloodline descendant of Altimac, Dylan George was born with a natural possession of Holy Light. It was written in his destiny by Altimac that Dylan is to wed a daughter of the Death bloodline, and the two of them will birth a child who will one day be the savior of earth. His birth was complicated as two different parties, forces on the sides of good and evil, intervened to assure that the prophecies surrounding him came true. Seer and Mortismere were set up to inject Dylan's mother with a mutated form of Unholy Darkness. While on the other side The Watcher's Council saw to it that Dylan was to get the injection from Seer to help manifest Holy Darkness inside of him because Dylious was to be the first to control all three of the Arts: Holy Light, Unholy Darkness and Holy Darkness....
There's a problem though, Dylan has no control over it and is almost like a ticking time bomb ready to blow himself up. Angel of Death, who is the one destined to birth Dylan's child is the key to Dylan's ability to control his powers, without her, he sporadically jumps in and out of the three different powers and is mainly vulnerable in his Unholy Darkness phase, being controlled by Mortismere and Seer.

Mannerism: Dylan can be one of two things, a selfless bold warrior with intent of protecting the right of good in the world, or, a selfish, twisted conceded evil wretch with no regard for human feeling or life...
Depending on which of his powers is being used; The Holy Light or The Unholy Darkness depends on this

Though there is another characteristic, that I would describe as focused. When in the rare occurrences that Dylan is able to possess Holy Darkness he becomes a quiet, focused and fearless warrior only making decisions by what sits well in his heart, he becomes in complete control of moral value and is his strongest when in this state.

Besides his inability to to control his powers Dylan has a few other weaknesses...
Cockiness/Over Confident: Which may be a direct result to some blood connection of Dylan and Mortismere. Dylan often jumps right into battles with no game plan or cause, simply because he thinks he is too powerful to be beaten.
Rage Filled: Dylan at times gets so carried away and caught in the heat of the moment that he will randomly start roaring and screaming in the air, beating on his chest... completely loosing focus of the task at hand and can be easily pinned or subdued when this is happening.

Dylan's main strength is the possibility that he can learn to control multiple of the arts, though the challenge will not be easy, if he can succeed at this then he can become one of the more powerful beings in the world...

Another Dylan's strength is his will to win... when presented with a big opportunity of a task that seems important to him, Dylan becomes what some call a 'Big Time Performer' thriving off of the big stage, when a title or something important to him is on the line.
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