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Background: Mortismere is a wretched, vile, despicable demon lord that has no care in the world for anybody but himself. His near-omnipotent abilities has a big fat weakness- he is over confident. He is a self-proclaimed "Emperor of Unholy Darkness"- but he does have royale birthright from his mother Queen Lilith. Mortismere tends to procrastinate and acts at the moment. Oddly, given Mortismere's laziness- he knows when to jump in at the right moments and turn the tables into his favor.

Many countless examples of this include: turning the tables on when our heroes thought they were done with the evil Lilith in the phantomfield- Mortismere appeared from a rift in the dreamscape even after spending eons trapped in there and absorbed Lilith's DNA to eventually give birth to the Evil Queen. Or when Mortismere interfered in the disposal of Dark Sincentius and not only sealed Dark Sincentius in the gate of Apocalypse but captured the Undisputed Title.

Mortismere always seem to know what to do when he is cornered. Somewhat of why he is over-confident and have no care in the world for what happens to even his own body is that Mortismere is immortal due to the fact he separated his soul and fused them into objects. Mortismere has died several times and even possessed other people's bodies for his own to exist in Earth.

Mannerism: Mortismere is a twisted evil being- this reflects his voice and actions. Mortismere has vast knowledge of the Unholy Dark Arts and even more than Kizmat. His vocals are rough and twisted... he tends to laugh hysterically and at times he brings humor to the way he carries himself. Mortismere's humorous actions is debatable that it lures others into a false sense of security/hope because Mortismere has committed horrendous crimes against nature and against all walks of life.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Mortismere's strength is his vast knowledge of the Unholy Darkness and his cleverness to escape situations he is in. He also possesses the strongest form of Unholy Dark Magics. Only Darkspade appears to match him but Mortismere's evil exceeds Darkspade's past sins which makes Mortis' magic more potent.

Mortismere's weakness is his over confidence. It is at times so blinding that Mortismere often walks into the predicaments he gets himself in. Mortismere acts as if eventually everybody will side with him no matter friend or foe- just because he is "Emperor." Mortis is cocky as hell and this tends to bring his foes closer to his stronghold. Mortismere is also physically big- over seven foot. This makes Mortis slow and bulky. Mortismere is weaker in physical strength when compares to Kizmat.

Possibly the biggest weakness is Mortismere's biggest strength- and that is the means to his immortality. If his soul pieces where acquired and destroyed then Mortismere will be also be completely destroyed.
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