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((I'll put more info here as I get time ^^; but for now going to place a very brief summary))

As cliche as this sounds but once upon a time, an epic war that pinned good against evil was forged in another existance. Each side had it's own champions. On the 'pure side' was a being by the name of Altimac. On the 'unpure side' was a being by the name of Orgad.

This war lasted thousands of years, till suddenly, a tunning point happened and Orgad was defeated by Altimac but the cost was too high. Altimac lost his immortality and appeared on Earth. Purity became stronger than the darkness and from that point on, good always had an edge over evil.

Queen Lilith (the evil Lilith) was sent back into slumber but not before her dna was mingled with Orgad to create a new unholy dark god. Instead, two sons were born. Mortismere (the oldest) and Kizmat (the youngest).

Starting from this point in the story (don't want to release more yet lol). Mortismere was hell bent on fullfilling his destiny to become the god of unholy darkness and finish what Orgod started in Neo-Earth.

However, Mortismere can't reach the point of winning over the light because of the balance issue. In CW history, Mortismere has played a key linking role in CW's central storyline. Mortismere will always be a villian. The character helps define and re-shaped the need for creating tremendous distress in the creature wrestling storyline. Mortismere is a user. His hopes of winning is through others. And as many times as Mortismere has been sent back to hell and to places you'd think you will never see his ugly mug again- he tends to pop back at the most critical times. Because Mortismere is half of a god, his spirit will never die. But his body can die and has died many times. Mortismere's greatest and deadlist ability to possess ANYTHING from a human being to an object. Mortismere is the ultimate puppetmaster. In fact, it was through Mortismere's demonic and evil soul that he created the 'evil' Queen Lilith. It is a controversy to this very day because this would mean that Mortismere created himself.... or rather, did darkness create Mortismere and Lilith?
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