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Jezebel Mitchell

Mon Apr 06, 2009 7:57 pm

Jezebel Mitchell

Daddy's Little Girl Has Been Turned Loose
Like Daddy :\\ : Like Daughter

• »»» federation.STATISTICS ««« •
real.NAME: Jezebel Mitchell
ring.NAME: Jezebel Mitchell
Jezehell «
date.OF.birth: December 14, 1982
superstars.HEIGHT: 5' 8½"
superstars.WEIGHT: 115 lbs
superstars.HOMETOWN: Unknown
currently.RESIDING: My Father’s House in Florida
billed.FROM: The Depths of Hell
superstars.ALIGNMENT: Tweener
current.BRAND: CWE
fighting.STYLE: Brawler
superstars.GIMMICK: Daddy's Little Girl

• »»» entrance.INFORMATION ««« •
current.THEME: "Cuz I Can" by Pink


• »»» the.MOVESET ««« •
Air Raid Crash (Over the shoulder back to belly piledriver) «
Curb Stomp (Standing inverted Indian deathlock surfboard followed into a head stomp) «
Kondo Clutch (Inverted cloverleaf) «
Kudo Driver (Back to back double underhook piledriver) «
Backhand chop «
Bridging evasion «
Missile dropkick «
Moonsault «
Multiple suplex variations «
Belly to back
Northern lights suplex
Overhead belly to belly
Reverse STO «
Samoan drop «
Scoop powerslam «

• »»» relationship.STATISTICS ««« •
relationship.STATUS: Single
currently.DATING: No One
managed.BY: 'Sinister Minister' James Mitchell

• »»» the.FRANCHISE ««« •
Sinister Minister James Mitchell «
Darkspade «
Charon Death «
Anyone Father Tells Me To Hate «

• »»» previous.STABLES ««« •

• »»» match.INFORMATION ««« •
CWE.DEBUT: Mar 30, 2009

• »»» the.RIVALRIES ««« •
current.FEUD: vs AON
feuds.BEGINNING: Mar 30, 2009
feuds.END: Currently Ongoing
feud.REASON: Attacked my father, threatened me

• »»» my.LEGACY ««« •

• »»» the.DIALOGUE ««« •

• »»» the.WEAPONS ««« •
primary.WEAPON: Knife (Gil Hibben 1999 Jackal) «
secondary.WEAPON: Crossbow «
Chair «
Barb Wire «
Nailgun (Gift from Charon) «
Anything Father Gives Me «

• »»» interesting.FACTS ««« •
Was trained by her father and older half-brother, Judas Mesias. «

• »»» the.BIOGRAPHY ««« •

Jezebel Mitchell is the daughter of infamous wrestling manager, 'Sinister Minister' James Mitchell and a young gypsy girl. Jezebel has been gifted with innate supernatural powers inherited from both her parents, some of which aid her in combat. Jezebel has a close bond with her older half-brother Judas Mesias, and is close with her father as well. She is very much 'Daddy's little girl', but never wants to speak about her mother in great detail other than in passing to most. It's common knowledge that her mother was an abusive alcoholic during Jezebel's childhood, and that the woman died under mysterious circumstances in Jezebel's early teenage years.

Jezebel was shuttled around various foster homes and boarding schools after her mother's death, but always managed to cause more trouble than she was worth. Tired of being caught in a government system that failed her, she managed to escape and took to a life of constant travel on the streets. Her father finally received word of her mothers death, but when he was able to make the trip to get her out of foster care, she'd already escaped. Mitchell spent years trying to track his daughter down before finally coming across her by accident one night when having some 'shady dealings' with a local pimp.

Recognizing the little slip of a girl the pimp was trying to sell him as his own daughter, Mitchell promptly paid for her complete freedom. Once he'd told Jezebel who he was and the years he'd spent trying to find her, they were able to repair their father/daughter relationship and she moved in with him, glad to finally have a real family. Under the guidance of her father, Jezebel managed to get her GED and decided to go into the family business, spending time training with her half-brother Judas and learning how to better control her supernatural abilities with her father in preparation for her in-ring debut.


Enhanced Strength, Agility, and Reflexes - Comparable to many demons and vampires

Supernatural Resilience and Healing - Can heal minor injuries fully in 24 hours time, major injuries in a few days, her body is substantially more durable and resistant to blunt force trauma than an average humans. It is difficult, though not impossible, to bruise her, break her bones or strain her joints.

Heightened Senses - A heightened awareness of her surroundings, she can know the position of an attacker and fight them blindfolded or in the dark, she also has the limited ability to detect the presence of vampires (and presumably other demons), but she must focus to achieve the full effect. This does not prevent Jezebel from being ambushed by vampires, as she must constantly train this ability with the aid of her father.

Psychic Dreams/Precognitive Dreams - While dreaming can receive prophetic insights, warnings of the future, and at times share a dream with others who have a similar ability and enter the dreams of those she shares a close bond with.

Natural Fighting Skill - She's a natural fighter, with the ability to instinctively protect herself even without formal training, now that she's been trained for the wrestling ring it's honed her natural instincts to greater than most humans natural abilities. These abilities will even pervade times of amnesia, forgetfulness, or other things that may cause her to forget her formal training.
word count: 881

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