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Branden Harvey
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Fri Nov 26, 2010 6:57 am

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all, it's yours truly, "Supersonic" Branden Harvey, bringing some gravy for you, wrestling fans and CW. I'm quite thankful to be able to rant to you, as well as having a great outlet in CW. I'm very thankful for many great things in my life, most notably my family. So when you feast upon a Thanksgiving turkey on Thursday with your family or where ever you may be, always consider what you're thankful for.

For today, I want for my audience to consider what they, as wrestling fans, and wrestling promotions should be thankful for. In fact, I believe that fans and promotions take MANY things for granted. So in short, let's discuss what fans and promotions SHOULD be thankful for on this wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

What Wrestling Should Be Thankful For

Wrestling fans should be thankful for High-Definition television
As I watch the WWE today, I'm jealous... Seeing pro wrestling in High Definition makes me insanely jealous, especially from the great eras of wrestling that I witnessed (late 1980's, late 1990's) that would have been AWESOME with stronger television quality. Today's HD can take even a lousy match and make it look great with strong production. Speaking of which, I'm quite thankful in the WWE's production team, who has been top notch in the program's look since 1997.

WWE should be thankful of lawyers and lobbyists.
One thing that Richard Blumenthal... Excuse me, Senator Blumenthal hit upon Linda McMahon was her payment of "entertainment lobbysts" for her company, in additition to accusations of her wanting to get rid of the minimum wage and eliminating 10% of her office workforce, blah blah blah. But the entertainment lobby is a key part, as the WWE wants to remain a form of "entertainment" because during the late 1980's, state athletic commissions wanted to regulate the WWE and that's when the McMahons had to officially admit, on record, that their results were staged in order to avoid a sports classification to become "entertainment". It was genius at the time, and with recent deaths and failed drug tests, the WWE has probably had to fight hard to remain in that light. After Chris Benoit passed following years of wrestlers dying early due to steroid or other performance enhancers, the WWE should have been testifying in front of congress much like Major League Baseball has been in recent years. Not the WWE, however, as they must know the right people in Washington (although it didn't help get robotic Linda elected). Furthermore, the WWE legal team has been a tough group to fight and have kept the WWE out of many liability situations regarding ex-wrestlers for years. Vince McMahon is spending his money well.

The Miz should be thankful for Vince Russo.
It seems that sometime during the late 1990's, although the Monday Night Wars plays a good part in multiple title changes, the WWE's titles suddenly became weaker in stature than previous years. Before, the WWE title had lengthy reigns, the tag titles meant something, and the Intercontinental Title was meaningful. Then, through 1999, it seemed as though each of the titles were changing hands and often times on a whim. The lack of respect for titles thinking dominated the 2000's and allowed for long-term planning to be thrown out the window and for the WWE to use cheap title switches in any attempt to draw attention to their product. The "Money in the Bank" gimmick, especially, is a joke and every winner except for Rob Van Dam, who actually made his challenge days in advance, has cheapened the World Title. I wish the Miz the absolute best, but beating up a World Champ after he was mauled by Nexus and then fought a hard match against Wade Barrett is NOT a credible title win for me. Ditto for Edge's first title reign, and especially ditto for Jack Swagger's title win. BELTS SHOULD MEAN SOMETHING, and the World Titles are deemed as less meaningful as they were in the past and that could be hurting buyrates when the titles are on the line. Secondary and Tag titles have been a joke for a long time, too. How many times can we reboot the Intercontinental title? The Miz is champion because during the late 1990's, Vince Russo started the trend of shitting on titles.

WWE should be thankful for USA Networks.
In my opinion, the WWE's life or death in this current age depends on whether NBC/Universal desires to continue to carry Monday Night RAW. With recent RAW ratings dipping below 3.0, WWE officials could be sweating. Remember, thanks to the Parents Television Council attacks on the WWE during the early 2000's on advertisers and from a study that showed wrestling fans consist of low income earners, the WWE is dependent on high ratings to impress networks. When the ratings dip, all of a sudden, Law & Order reruns can earn as much as a live RAW broadcast. Now that Smackdown is on SyFy, the WWE is even more dependent on NBC/Universal. Don't forget that Comcast will potentially purchase NBC/Universal, as the merger is currently being reviewed by the FCC and the Justice Department this week and probably next week. Comcast could opt to hedge business relationships in order to cut costs when absorbing another company's assets. Yeah, the WWE could go to another cable company, but history has shown that nobody has done it better than USA Networks.

I'm very thankful for YouTube.com.
For the most part, I can get my oldschool wrestling fix via YouTube unless the WWE media division cracks its whip (thank God the WWE is off Spike TV, a Viacom network!). YouTube, though in 10 minute intervals, has been one of the greatest sources of wrestling fans wanting more beyond the Monday, Thursday, and Friday shows. I can remember tape trading networks being big during the late 1990's for Japanese and Indy wrestling. Now, someone can post it on YouTube... If I ran an Indy promotion, I'd shove as much video material on YouTube that I could, and if I were the WWE, and they have a Youtube channel, I'd embrace streaming video technology to its fullest (while also making money off of it, of course). But for the most part, I can get my fix of the Skyscrapers DESTROYING the Ding Dongs whenever I want (thanks to Prince/rspwfaq.com for reminding me of that match).

I'm very thankful of TNA for saving Kurt Angle.
Rumors are swirling, with Kurt Angle's TNA contract up at the end of 2010, that he might return to the WWE. It could be bittersweet, because Kurt Angle even puts it, on "Off the Record" during September 2008, that he could have died (saying that he was on "deathwatch" and a "possibility I might die"). When he considers where he should be in 2011, it makes you wonder if he'll continue with a company whose lighter schedule allowed Angle to get his life and health together or jumping back into the WWE fire for a tougher schedule and higher demands. The WWE could use Angle right now, so thus Kurt could have some leverage, but at the expense of a Pittsburgh native whom I respect greatly, I just hope he makes the right decision for him long-term. This business has chewed up too many of my favorites to see another go before the age of 45.

Wrestling fans should be thankful if they watched during the late 1990's.
It's amazing how much you take the late 1990's for granted... Back then, you had THREE choices for pro wrestling and two of them battling on Monday Nights. Competition created great matches, great moments, and created new stars. If the WWE wasn't desperate, would the Rock or Steve Austin get a chance? Would WCW risk a lawsuit by falsely advertising Scott Hall and Kevin Nash as WWF invaders? For any of you newer fans who just started watching during the 2000's, poor you. 1995 through the first half of 2001 was AWESOME, but especially 1996-1998... Wow, what a ride those years were and I'd give anything to see wrestling like that again.

Wrestling fans should be thankful if they watched during the 1980's.
Competition, competition, competition... It drives companies to their best. For one, you had the WWF's rise and Hulkamania at its finest. But the WWF had a strong midcard, where as you'll see my title note above, the Intercontinental Title matted. Summerslam 1988 was huge when the Ultimate Warrior finally beat Honky Tonk Man for the IC title, and the tag title division for the WWE, back then, was awesome. Then, you had 1989 NWA/WCW... Wow... Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk... 5-stars everywhere! But then you had the rise of Sting in the midcard, the Great F'N Muta, strong tag division, and the best midcard title of them all, the TV Title that springboarded many wrestlers upward. Wow, what a ride those years were and I'd give anything to see wrestling like that again.

THQ should receive many thanks.
If you endured many years of Acclaim crap, you'll get what a great job THQ has done with WWE games. Holy cow, Acclaim games were absolute garbage! From the NES to the SNES (though RAW for the SNES isn't bad, but it kills your thumbs!) to the 2 attempts on the future systems (Warzone/Attitude), THQ saved the day by giving up its WCW license to create WWF games. Wrestlemania 2000 for the N64 is a Godsend of a game and most games for future consoles continue to be solid (I really enjoyed the Day of Reckoning GameCube games). Thank you, THQ, for finally giving us great WWE games. Acclaim was only good for Lord Alfred Hayes saying "from Acclaim" at the end of his commercial promos.

I'm very thankful for seeing many great wrestlers who are no longer with us. As a wrestling fan of the past, I'm glad I saw many guys in their primes before they passed on even if the causes of death were self-inflicted. Owen Hart, the biggest tragedy in wrestling with his accident, still tugs at me emotionally for his death. Meanwhile, I really miss seeing the presence of guys like Rick Rude, Eddie Guerrero, Brian Pillman, Curt Hennig, Kerry Von Erich, and many others who should be out there as wrestling's representatives during "Old School" RAW night. The more I think about it, and I am in no way condoning his actions whatsoever... I miss seeing the wrestling ability of Chris Benoit. There will never be anyone like him in terms of intensity in the ring and bringing out the best in his opponents. In many of these cases, the wrestling industry chewed them up and spit them out, while others are just pure tragedy and bad personal choices.

And finally...

Wrestling fans should be thankful for JOHN CENA.
That's right, I'm talking to you, cynical wrestling fan who can't look a gift horse in the mouth! John Cena has been carrying the promotion on his back since 2005, providing the WWE with a merchandise cash cow and a great face to the promotion after the WWE had to rely too much on Triple H carrying the ball after Rock/Austin left the promotion or were limited after 2002. John Cena can be argued as being every bit as popular as the Rock, but Cena lacks a stronger promotion surrounding him as the Rock did. In fact, John Cena, for the past 5 years, has lacked a strong trademark opponent as the Rock had during the late 1990's and early 2000's. The Rock had Austin and later Triple H. Cena has had a revolving door of opponents who were either not worthy of the main event attention or past their primes. Despite who Cena has wrestled, he's worked as hard as he could to always deliver.

Cena IS an all-time great. It's like Kobe Bryant in between the early 2000's and present time. When Shaq left, Kobe was without a strong running mate for 3 or 4 years until Jerry West delivered Pau Gasol in a crooked trade from the Memphis Grizzlies. And what do you know? Kobe is on his way to win a second 3-peat of Championships. NO MAN IS AN ISLAND, and John Cena can't do this on his own... Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin had great wrestlers and opponents to be fed to them when they were champions and each made HUGE money by headlining shows with major opponents. Hogan drew money with Andre, Macho Man, and Warrior, while Steve Austin battled with the Rock extensively. Meanwhile, both the late 1980's and late 1990's had strong midcards. The late 2000's does not. Cena doesn't have the large drawing rivals that Hogan/Austin had.

Funny thing with the Survivor Series finish, I was reading on Message Boards of "rejoice" for Cena losing and being "fired". For one, it's idiotic to let your biggest draw be fired... And two, what's to celebrate? Who exactly is John Cena holding back? Cena has kept the WWE relevant for the past 5 years as I cannot imagine the WWE being as strong on the merchandise sales without him. When he's gone, wrestling fans will bitch that the WWE can't create strong stars in the light of Rock/Austin when they had someone close in John Cena.

That's all I have... Have a great Thanksgiving...
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Sun Nov 28, 2010 8:22 am

lol wow lots to be thankful for... for me #1 is I am thankful for my mom still with me in my life and for getting my life in order. It has been a difficult number of years.

For CW I'd say that I am thankful that it still exists. CW may not have a billion players like it once did, but that doesn't matter because the players we do have are the best I've ever worked with and I am extremely happy to call you all my friends. I prefer a small roster lol makes juggling this game and real life a whole lot easier. So again thanks for sticking in there... Thank you Branden for working as hard as you have with your stories and adding to CreatureCavern and Thank you Charon for putting up with me for the past 10 years lol and getting my senses in order even in the darkest of times.
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