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Sun Mar 22, 2009 8:52 am

Welcome to the first Rumor Mill episode. I am Jack Murphy and I am here with Jake and Marcus. We have some breaking news.

Marcus Killborn will marry Erika Kanine at ECF Brainwash in June. Marcus will then become Co-District Promoter of ECF.

Wait a second, we have another news bite. Charon Death will become a Borg drone when her Nanites take over her body and she will kill some bitces dead!

Also at ECF Brainwash, Jack Murphy and Jake Murphy will go for the Dual Core Titles against Spade. So we have two words for Spade Deathen, BE JELIOUS!

So now our new feature here on Rumor Mill, we will name our up and oming superstar of the week. That would be this wee, D00M! Congrats D00M. She is the Undesputed Champion of the CW. She has become the UC in the fastest time.
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