How sad for Goldust.

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Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:09 pm

Who was Goldust's new protege? what the hell happened to this "golden era"..... Who knows. Goldust is one of the very last figures from a bygone era in professional Wrestling which emphasizes actual storytelling to drive the character progression. Yes there are still a few that still do that- but at a mediocre level... wherein the audience has a hard time investing any 'give a shit' in the character. So Goldust sells his character through acting it out in every sense from mic skills to ring skills- a trait that is super rare nowadays.

So after bastardizing the Goldust character for the past 15 years - WWE finally gives Dustin Rhodes a chance at going back to the character's roots and begin an angle-- but as it progresses, it falls flat due to a RUSHED ending with R-Truth and then we are told that there will be a grand masterpiece unveiled 2 weeks before Sumerslam. Conveniently, notice that the week before Summerslam that Goldust wasn't around... but fans didn't forget this unveiling...

Suddenly, Summerslam comes and goes and so does Goldust in the spotlight.... he was only seen very small points like running to ring to assist in holding back Roman Reigns (I forgot- they are essentially the SAME boring character); and then last night with Brey Wyatt... wherein, Goldust jobbed the hell out of that match and disrespected.

So once again we witnessed the imbeciles who operate the writing on WWE... how they are utterly incapable of producing a compelling storyline and they fall flat on their asses again when they come across an established character, from a bygone era, where storytelling was actually involved in a character's development. Then they insult the intelligence of the fans and bury Goldust's golden era and plans for Summerslam by reducing his air time.... yet- the fans are not that stupid. Just like when WWE has been desperately failing at pushing Roman Reigns in our faces (and editing out all of the boos from the fans.)
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