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We rescued this site from the abyss to once again relive this once haven for not just fans of the WWE's The Undertaker... but for the new generation of wrestling fans! Here you may discuss what is on your mind about the world of professional wrestling and many other topics as well. This is a fan-bought and controlled website message board to share thoughts and insights in professional wrestling. The topics do not have to be about just WWE's The Undertaker-- but about any current 'dark side' wrestler such as Kane, The Demon King, Bray Wyatt... or any wrestler! Enjoy your stay.

Brief History of this once official website for the ChaosComic's Undertaker Comic Book:
Theundertaker.net was truely the place if you wanted to mingle with fellow undertaker fans/cotns. The website was actually a promotion off of Chaos Comic's "The Undertaker: Comic book." The site was created from 1998 and slowly degraded over the years until the site was abandoned by Chaos. The message board was still usable by posting your entire message in the subject header. The last existence of UT.net was in 2001. Afterwards, the site was bought up by porn and spam bots.

It was here that the first documented online e-wrestling experience from cotns was made. The game was some fun experiment to pass the time when the Undertaker was not wrestling, and when the Undertaker eventually did return to WWF- the posters butted out the people that where still playing this RP fantasy. One of the biggest supporters of the RP cotn fantasy was Darkspade- and he ambitiously moved the small game into an eventual E-Fed. This genre would have been vaporated if it wasn't for the CWF (Creature Wrestling Federation). It is ironic that the RP game that cotn posters did to pass the time became one of the last surviving elements which has kept some cotn posters together today.

It is also noted that the FIRST Cotn champion was: Darkhag. She was named the champion by the person who later won her in an RP re-match which turned the title into the CWF Heavyweight Champion. Over the years, this title has evolved into what is known today as: "The Undisputed Creature Wrestling Championship." In a sense, the CW Undisputed title represents the entire genre, it's history and not just the e-fed.

The comic was writen by Beau Smith with art by Manny Clark. It book mainly focused on the Undertaker during the time upon which Kane came to the WWE (then WWF). By this time Paul Bearer had turned his back on the Undertaker and was trying his hardest to eliminate him. The book only featured a brief appearance of Kane in which he spoke just once.

The main villain the Undertaker faced was The Embalmer, who's plan was to take control of Hell.
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