It's time for Wade Barrett to STEP UP!

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Branden Harvey
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Wed Dec 15, 2010 6:02 am

That's right... I'm calling him out. It's time to stop being an uncharismatic DUD... This Sunday, at Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, the leader of the Nexus, Wade Barrett is taking on John Cena in a TLC match. In my mind, the Nexus appears to be winding down in importance and this could be a chance the group's last run in the main event spotlight, at least on RAW. It appears, at least given the storyline of avenging his loss to Barrett and coming back from the "firing" angle from Survivor Series, Cena should redeem himself with a win to finish the Nexus storyline.

Plus, you want John Cena heading into Royal Rumble/Wrestlemania season in a strong fashion.

That said, IF John Cena is to win and finish off the Nexus storyline, what's in it for Wade Barrett? Well, obviously, losing to Cena, he'll move on to feuding with someone else... Looking at the RAW roster, it's a downgrade when you're not working with John Cena. It's made even worse if you're forced to move to Smackdown...

BUT - Wade Barrett could get something out of this TLC match, but only if HE wants it. In other words, Wade Barrett NEEDS to step up. If there's a big spot involving falling through tables, Wade Barrett better do it! If it means falling from a ladder from a large height, Wade Barrett better do it! Taking a steel chair across his cranium, Wade Barrett better do it! It's time to stop being the bland "I hate the top face" heel and put some legitimate effort into a match.

Don't believe me?

- Royal Rumble 2000: Triple H stepped it up in his match against Mick Foley and took quite a beating to prove himself as a badass World Champion. That match ignited Triple H into a year-and-a-half of dominance in the WWE and filled a much needed void when Steve Austin was out with an injury.

- Royal Rumble 2003: Chris Benoit came oh-so-close to defeating Kurt Angle in a WWE Title match, and afterward, Benoit received a standing ovation from the fans for a tremendous effort. It was a convincing enough show of appreciation by fans that a year later, Benoit won the Royal Rumble to go onto headline Wrestlemania 20 as the new World Champion.

- "Terri Invitational Tournament" - The finals of the TIT had Edge/Christian vs. Hardy Boyz in a ladder match in order to win Terri as a manager, I believe. But a tag team ladder match, what a concept! Both teams stepped up their games and made themselves household names overnight in late 1998. This would eventually lead to all 4 having legendary WARS that later inserted the Dudley Boyz (who also stepped up).

Wade Barrett is in a spot where he can make major goodwill with the WWE fans by stepping up his game at TLC this Sunday. If he shows incredible effort and ramps up his effort to push the match beyond a 4-star match, he'll make himself a star even despite ending his program with the company's top star.

Don't be a pussy, Wade. The brass ring is there for your grabbing. Eat some table, take some steel, and fuck yourself up by falling off a ladder from a ridiculous height. Otherwise, we can scapegoat you and other developmental duds from causing WWE buyrates and ratings to fall due to your push in 2010.
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