Monday Night RAW Review, 12/13/10 - John Cena~!

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Tue Dec 14, 2010 6:53 pm

Tuning into the usual 10:00 pm... Apparently, it's Slammy Award night, as Lay Cool apparently won "Diva of the Year"... Hey, with the King of the Ring return recently, are we having an In Your House theme next month?!? Lay Cool will take on Natalya and Beth Phoenix in a Tables match this Sunday at TLC... In all honesty, that sounds decent and the booking has been done well to put Natalya and Phoenix together for a common cause with Lay Cool being buttheads on both brands. Probably worth a good laugh in the middle of the TLC clusterfuck they Pay Per View will present.

Don't get me started on the Top 50 WWE Superstars DVD...

Did I just see Kane tip over a rigged ladder/table set up with Paul Bearer on it? If I dare to ever watch Smackdown again, should I trip on acid first?

Jack Swagger vs. Edge is next, as I have to remind myself that the WWE once gave Swagger a World Title... Thus, wouldn't this match be a bigger deal than just a televised match with having the current title contender and multiple time champion taking on a former champion? Oh, that would mean the WWE would actually get serious about Jack Swagger instead of the joke they made him to be after his lousy Money in the Bank title victory. Zero heat for this match because you know, the WWE didn't realize they had former champion versus former champion out there. It's amusing to me to see Edge with more tattoos and less muscle mass as compared to his mid-2000's peak. Edge countered the Anklelock easily... wouldn't it be a good thing to note that Edge knows how to escape that move from a previous feud with Kurt Angle? Eventually, Edge won with the spear. Nothing offensive with the match, but obvious nits about the poor promotion of the match.

Backstage, David Arquette is apparently the RAW guest host (I think?) and Arquette gets in a good dig about his championship on the Miz. Oy... I can't rip on Arquette too much, provided that he reportedly donated much of his WCW earnings to charity. That, and he was inside Courtney Cox, many many times...

Yes please!

Big Show presents the "2010 Moment of the Year", as Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker won it and Shawn, via satellite, gave his thank you.. Damn, I miss him! It's utterly amazing to me how awesome HBK was in his comeback considering how thrashed his back was in 1998 as well as Michaels' knee problems. That, and his personal turnaround from the person he was during the 1990's. He sets a great example of redemption in life and in any profession.

Next up, it's Randy Orton vs. Alex Riley & David Arquette, with Arquette now being handicapped because he dared to cheat on and divorce Courtney Cox. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with him? While we're on the subject of Alex Riley, why did they ditch his letterman's jacket? Did they not realize how awesome he looked as a throwback to the old Varsity Club look? Instead, they put him in suits and Miz shirts... Eventually, Randy Orton made short work of Alex Riley and won the match with an RKO... The Miz attacked afterward and along with Arquette, attempted to suplex Orton through a table... Orton countered and of course, David Arquette was in BIG trouble. Kudos to Arquette for taking the powerbomb through the table (!!!), that crazy SOB! Better yet, Arquette is selling it like he was just killed and paramedics are there too boot. And why did he leave Courtney again?

Seeing John Cena do the Make-a-Wish Foundation commercial makes me continually appreciate how classy he's been on top of the WWE. I think when he's done with pro wrestling, which I think is within the next few years, the WWE and its fans will very much miss him. I can't imagine merchandise and gate sales without him. I sure hope the McMahons realize how much money he's made the company and how he's kept things together as well. He's only behind Hogan, Austin, and the Rock as the biggest drawing wrestler in the past 30 years.

Michael Cole presented the "And I Quote..." Award... Actually, the segment was amusing to me because I haven't seen too much of the clips. And the winner is... Michael Cole. Cole Miners? Now that's funny... I like Cole as a heel, but the WWE might be spending more time getting Cole over as a heel announcer than it swrestling talent.

A longtime personal favorite, dating back when he was a WCW referee, Teddy Long is out to announce the Slammy Award for "Wrestler of the Year"... John Cena is your winner, although I'd possibly argue for Randy Orton or maybe Kane for 2010. But whatever. Good promo by Cena, ranting on the Nexus.

Main event was David Otunga vs. John Cena... I guess Cena has been "rehired", provided he wrestles Wade Barrett at TLC. That has to be the most ridiculous reversal of a "firing" angle that I've ever seen. What a complete waste "Cena in Nexus" was, although his Slammy acceptance speech might have finally given some heat to the Cena vs. Nexus feud. The Nexus and their lameass entrance theme just isn't doing it for me lately... The issue, to me, appears to be a very uncharismatic Wade Barrett. Before the match, the Nexus walked away from Otunga, as Cena attacks as if he didn't take chairshots earlier in the night! Cena made short order of Otunga, making him tap, and Cena makes an example out of Otunga with Wade Barrett watching onward. Very nice... Come on, WWE, keep this edge up on John Cena.

CONCLUSION: Good hype of Barrett/Cena and Miz/Orton, but most of all, it was a great night for John Cena. After getting attacked by NXT wrestlers to officially kick off the Nexus, we haven't seen an ounce of intensity like this. Otunga got destroyed with chairshots that would make a PG rating cringe! Keep this up with Cena and the WWE could ride his starpower into a strong Wrestlemania (if a worthy opponent exists). Otherwise, standard WWE show for a B rating.
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