What is wrong with former OMEGA wrestlers?

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Branden Harvey
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Mon Dec 13, 2010 5:26 pm

So I'm just lurking around wrestling news sites when I read that Shane Helms (or Gregory Helms in the WWE) has been utilizing his Twitter account and other online resources to bash none other than Shawn Michaels, citing that his religious backing was a work, that HBK is quite the drug user, and citing a backstage incident with Chris Jericho.

Yes, the same Shane Helms who...

Originally reported by Sports Illustrated 8-30-07
"Between November 2003 and February 2007, Shane Helms, a/k/a The Hurricane, received, among other drugs, testosterone, genotropin (HGH) and nandrolone. (As previously reported by SI, he allegedly received HGH from an Arizona doctor in 2005.)"


This is amusing to me because who else uses Twitter? Oh, that's right, Matt Hardy. His trollish tweets during his exit from the WWE prove why the WWE never pushed him as hard as he desired. Add this to the 2005 Lita/Edge love affair which Matt utilized the internet to air his dirty laundry.

Something must be wrong with possibly with wrestlers from the OMEGA promotion. There appears to be a pattern of wrestlers having a "sense of entitlement", as if a main event push will just fall into your lap if you wait. Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Shane Helms, and their other pals just complain, complain because they appear to be overlooked by a promoter.

But with Helms, he rips someone who is completely the opposite of someone believing they are entitled to something. Granted, HBK has had his backstage issues, but nobody has EVER knocked Shawn's work ethic. I dare ask if the Hurricane could nail TWO great Wrestlemania
matches with the Undertaker. I'd love to see him try!

Those who throw stones live in glass houses. You were released from the WWE during February 2010... Could you be frustrated that a man with a fused spinal chord, Michaels, out wrestled you in the WWE? Even better, you had a head start on Michaels by joining the WWE after the WCW acquisition. Michaels excelled due to hard work and the breaks didn't go your way, Mr. Helms, and thus the jealousy.

You're a troll, Shane Helms. Go read your comic books, as they might miss you after the crap you've posted on Twitter lately.
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