Wow, it's been 5 Years since we lost Eddie Guerrero

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Not exactly to this day, as Eddie Guerrero passed away November 13th, 2005... As I've been reviewing older clips lately, ol' Eddie was on my mind. His death is what broke me as a wrestling fan, notably on the substance abuse induced ones. While the WWE product wasn't so strong in 2005, especially on Smackdown, you at least had Eddie Guerrero to enjoy. When healthy, Eddie brought an enthusiasm to the sport that not many other wrestlers could manufacture.

And he should have been a lengthier World Champion in 2004 or at least re-obtain the WWE Championship from JBL that year... The WWE completely fumbled on Eddie's title reign in 2004 and panicked when ratings started dropping because Brock Lesnar left. Had the WWE been more patient, they would have had a HUGE money feud on their hands over the WWE Championship between Eddie and John Cena. That feud, along with developing other younger stars to fill in the gaps, would have made the phrase "Lesnar Who?" been popular. Instead, Eddie was depushed and JBL was pushed too fast.

Eddie's death pushed the WWE to begin getting serious about the Wellness Policy, but of course, it wasn't until June 2007 when Eddie's old friend, Chris Benoit, went berzerk that it pushed the WWE to get REALLY serious about cleaning up the WWE from drugs. Quite interesting, to me, that the two guys who celebrated the end of Wrestlemania 20, are the ones who pushed the WWE to finally correct itself on substance abuse.

Sports Illustrated LINK:

It's a shame to lose Eddie, as aside from his substance abuse, he was everything right about pro wrestling. He was one of those wrestlers whom you could see it on their face that they actually enjoyed wrestling night in and night out. Rarely did Eddie have a bad match because of this face, aside from his pure talent inside of the ring.

I'll take this day to remember you and appreciate you, Eddie... But your death could have been prevented from a proactive World Wrestling Entertainment who looked the other way on drug abuse until Chris Benoit's incident really embarrassed the company. In my mind, a similar death, Brian Pillman, should have been the death to prompt the WWE to toughen up its practices. Many wrestlers would be alive if the WWE cared more about its wrestlers than its success.
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