What, no WWE interest in TNA "stars"?

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Branden Harvey
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Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:15 am

As I'm loosely keeping up with the news headlines these days, I'm amused by the many TNA top names who could be ripe for the WWE picking. I've heard it from a TNA source (former WWE wrestler, hint hint) that management was looking to shed payroll for 2011 given the lack of success the big names have brought to TNA.

Thus, guys like Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Sting, and Kevin Nash could reportedly walk, along with other stars as TNA seems to have a January to December fixed contract term for most wrestlers (probably shows you how Panda Energy looks at numbers). The "news" on these names has been mixed, and as I type this, there could be a risk that these guys are not really up for a new deal or maybe these contract stories have been leaked to drum up speculation... I don't know.

But what I do know is that the WWE IS NOT AGGRESSIVELY BUYING TALENT. One would think that the WWE would have Samoa Joe in their sights, just to get him, and to re-obtain Kurt Angle because of the name. Kevin Nash and Sting have "Hall of Fame" implications to them, with Sting having a rich DVD deal on the table for his WCW career if he wants it.

But the WWE doesn't appear to want them.

WWE, even with lower buyrates and show attendance lately (thank you, recession), is still flush with cash. They could buy anyone on TNA's talent roster or quite possibly, absorb their entire payroll for a given year and still be in the "black" in terms of profitability. Any TNA wrestler is theirs for the picking...

But the WWE doesn't appear to want them.

I think it's more indicting of TNA than it is of the WWE. If the WWE wanted to raid the indies, they could. They could have had both AJ Styles and Samoa Joe during various periods of time, but the WWE didn't see potential in them. They let Kurt Angle walk away during 2006 from his contract with the risk of him jumping to TNA (which he did). WWE could have bought Sting in 2001, but they didn't.

They don't need them... It's what I've been preaching about the WWE for a while now... They are a publicly traded corporation with probably 80% of the United States wrestling market cornered, if not more. TNA, thanks to poor leadership and God-awful booking, hasn't been close to being competition even with their laughable January 4th, 2010 effort.

WWE could absolutely raid TNA if they wanted... But the problem remains that there isn't a single wrestler on TNA that the WWE would overpay to get. That is more indicative of TNA than it is of the WWE, especially with WWE's homegrown talent proving to outdraw TNA's WWE/WCW imports.
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