So When Will Triple H Return?

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Branden Harvey
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Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:21 pm

The fine folks at the Observer/Figure 4 Weekly had this newsbyte in their Tuesday batch entry:

"-- HHH at this point probably won't return until early 2011, perhaps the Royal Rumble."

So it appears that Triple H seems to be at least making himself available for Wrestlemania 27. I believe that Triple H will be the RAW General Manager and he's been behind the computer the entire time. It seems to make sense to me as it would allow HHH to have a screen presence but not in a full time wrestling capacity.

Triple H is 41 folks and is recovering from a biceps tear. This follows two Quadriceps injuries that, in my opinion, have impaired Triple H from becoming a much better wrestler. That, and hyper-extended knees and neck problems, he's probably sore in his late age these days. Thus, a part-time wrestling role makes sense, and Triple H is quite set for life being Vince's #2 right now through recent promotion and obviously being married to Stephanie, a huge shareholder in the company.

RAW General Manager seems too obvious to me... I wouldn't doubt that the WWE pulls the trigger on Triple H's return at the WWE Pay Per View Event, Tables, Ladders, & Chairs as he causes Sheamus to lose to John Morrison. That kind of return would create the element of surprise and help pop some replay PPV purchases.

Wrestlemania is HHH's goal and I think he'll have some impact there... Now, whether he officially shows his face as the RAW General Manager and that the Nexus has been doing his dirty work, I don't know... But what I do know is that HHH is getting older, he doesn't personally need to be in that ring as much, and he's going to command a lot of backstage influence over the next decade.

My prediction? If he doesn't attack Sheamus at TLC, he'll reveal himself as RAW General Manager at the Royal Rumble and award himself a spot in the Royal Rumble, possibly at #30. That, or he 100% ignores Sheamus and reveals himself as RAW GM and has been the puppeteer for Nexus the entire time.

In other words, I predict he'll be RAW GM...
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