Monday Night RAW Results Review, 12/6/2010

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Branden Harvey
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Tue Dec 07, 2010 4:54 pm

Ro Ro Ro your boat, gently down the stream... Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, reviewing results of a show is but a dream. That's right, thanks to my 100% viewership and concentration on the New England Patriots DESTROYING the New York Jets, I did not watch RAW. However, since I'm sure people just LOVED my Survivor Series "results review", here we are.

Just to reiterate, this is a RESULTS review... That's right, I'm just reviewing the results I read.

Let's see here... New Tag Champions in Santino & Kozlov... That's right, no hype and given away for free... I would have personally kept the Tag Titles with the Nexus, somewhat mirroring the NWO, Nexus, and Evolution who each had 2 members holding onto the Tag Titles to legitimize the mid to upper midcarders of the group. Oh, and the 4 Horsemen with the Andersons and Tully/Arn Why knock the formula? Fan of Santino and Kozlov, I AM NOT.

It looked to be some dastardly booking with the "cease & desist" order on any physical contact between Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole. That's actually quite funny, and in terms of just Cole/Lawler, the storyline of Cole getting his will be worth the long awaited payoff. Instead of getting whooped by Lawler, Cole took an RKO by Randy Orton.

Very encouraging to see John Morrison & Sheamus continuing their feud and acknowledging the 1-1 score. I really thought their King of the Ring match eventually delivered, and with the right hype and booking, their 3rd match at the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Pay Per View could be a great one. Well, maybe not... the TLC gimmick will take away from it. TLC should be reserved for special occasions, not for an entire Pay Per View of match letdowns. What's wrong with a match without gimmicks that's been properly built up to mean something?

Turmoil for the Nexus, as it's being used as a means to get John Cena rehired... My guess is that this is all a "game", and as soon as Cena is rehired, all of the Nexus guys will reunite and destroy him! Straight out of the Horsemen playbook.

I hope you enjoyed the Ro, Ro, Rowing of the "reviewing results" boat... Make sure you thank me! ;)

But just in case you think this was a waste of your time, enjoy this beauty of a DEVASTATING MATCH instead:

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