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Branden Harvey
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Fri Dec 03, 2010 5:32 pm

So I attempted to watch TNA Impact once the Cavs/Heat game was quite over with a 30 point lead by the 3rd quarter. For the past 7 years or so, I've given TNA multiple chances, and their brand of wrestling has baffled me. There's something about the booking that I just can't comprehend and the production is so cheap looking... Meanwhile, the WCW/WWE/ECW imports are old, but used improperly. I even tried to watch TNA several times during my WWE "blackout" from June 2007 through late 2009... Just never impressed and always confused.

You would think that this promotion is great by seeing this nicely done promo:

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The first segment I caught was Mr. Anderson (what the fuck is this, the Matrix) talking to Matt Morgan. Yes, incredibly riveting stuff as it sounded more like a bad local talk radio show between buddies than it did a legitimate promo. WWE misses neither guy... I guess Anderson somehow nominated himself to be a guest referee, I don't know?

I did like seeing Mickie James and Victoria, excuse me, "Tara", fighting in the parking lot just randomly. That's actually some innovative booking and refreshing to see for the women's division. James and "Tara" were brawling in the back because they can't stand each other, so why wouldn't that happen on a regular basis all the time with other wrestlers. Wrestling promotions act as though wrestlers sit in the corner of a lockerroom until their match is up.

I had enough when I saw Jeff Jarrett actually wrestling with a MMA look to him. Holy mother of God. He just keeps believing how great he is, doesn't he? I'm sure Jarrett looks in the mirror with that shit on (tape on the feet, MMA trunks, and the punching gloves) and actually thinks he looks tough. To me, he's still the worthless blond pussy that I've always remembered dating back during the mid-1990's who was lip syncing "With My Baby Tonight".

Another attempt at "catching on" with TNA, and yet another failure a week to even capture a faction of my interest. TNA sucks, and it's sad because the wrestling industry BADLY needs competition.
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