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Thu Dec 02, 2010 6:35 am

Trying to post in here daily, I'll just do a quick rundown on some recent news headlines since I've stirred the pot quite well for 2 straight days on the events of Monday Night RAW... Away we go, and I'll credit thy sources:

Credit: Observer/Figure 4 Online
"RAW rating was a 3.1, but 3.4 for the usual 2 hours"

If you compare this to the Old School RAW three hour spectacular, the ratings were up... Obviously, the King of the Ring and Jerry Lawler provided some interesting, proving that the 1990's still has some value. I guess that's why several Grunge bands have made a comeback recently (Alice in Chains, Soundgarden).

Credit: Observer/Figure 4 Online
"Mick Foley is interviewed by Jeff Katz for his web site. The two plus hour interview includes him saying that he doesn't see himself with TNA after his contract runs out in eight or nine months, noting he feels like it's like WCW where it's hard to know who is in charge, he was let down when the company decided against airing footage of his appearing at the Jon Stewart rally in Washington, DC, and that he gets hurt too much wrestling and there's only room for one non-wrestler to just cut promos and Hulk Hogan is the guy."

First of all, Mick Foley could be working this website and easily setting up some kind of storyline.

BUT IF TRUE... Foley isn't a pro-Hogan guy and he's especially not a Bischoff guy. However, what are Foley's options? Does the WWE want him back as a non-wrestler? Secondly, with Foley's admission of head injury issues, would the WWE want to take him on as a liability? Foley as Commissioner and his magical contracts was quite bad in its day.

"#9 - Biggest CEO Screw-Ups of 2010 - Linda McMahon, WWE: Connecticut gubernatorial candidate Linda McMahon, who once ran World Wrestling Entertainment, admitted that she didn't know whether WWE paid any of its employees minimum wage, or even what Connecticut's minimum wage was. She lost her election too."

Right, as Linda McMahon resigned as CEO effective on September 16th, 2009. Not hard to look up facts:

And who cares if Linda knows or not if the WWE has minimum wage workers. Bottom line is that Chief Executives look at TOTAL salary & benefit expenses, and usually look at upper and middle management if they want to seriously wipe out some non-interest expenses. With the WWE having several executives doubling as board members, I can imagine the majority of labor costs by WWE Inc. is endured by the roster of wrestlers. Oh no, she doesn't know what Connecticut's minimum wage law is, because after all, being a U.S. Senator allows you to vote for Connecticut state laws... NOT. Stupid Forbes, as they were just bitching because she didn't win and someone like Steve Forbes is upset that a former Attourney General will now be in the Senate writing legislation in Richard Blumenthal. Often times, anger doesn't allow you to get facts straight.

And time for an awesome piece of wrestling history... (as I'm short on time!) ... ed&start=2

This could be the coolest moment in television wrestling history... Going back to mid-2006, Scott Hall appeared to be "invading" WCW Nitro and back then, it wasn't too well known that Hall was leaving the WWE (though early internet reports back then were hinting that Kevin Nash was leaving). Him showing up was an absolute shock and the way he presented himself was as if he was a WWE employee. This, of course, caused a lawsuit later resolved either in 2000, I believe, which gave the WWE power to match anybody's offer on buying WCW. Thus, in March 2001, nobody had a shot at buying WCW's assets.

But Hall showing up stirred a lot of interest back then and caused the magical "what will happen next" or "who will show up next" effect that WCW was able to carry into 1997 before it started getting old by early 1998, the downfall of WCW when expensive contracts and big egos got in the way.

This moment is magical and in addition to Nitro debuting successfully in 1995 with a Lex Luger shocker at the end.
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