RAW is EMBARRASSING, LOL @ the Miz vs. Jerry Lawler, 11/29/2

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Branden Harvey
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Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:49 am

Cutting into the 10:00 pm hour, as always...

Oh darn, I missed the women's match to start the show. What, Jerry "the King" Lawler vs. the Miz is the Miz's FIRST title shot? Are you fucking kidding me? How about this? Just have Triple H come back and SQUASH the Miz for the WWE title, especially for a comical joke with a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match that will be against Lawler tonight. The past few weeks of RAW have seriously regressed in quality and they get what they deserve when the next year's worth of revenue generating opportunities (television, pay per view, and merchandise) are all down.

Backstage, Ted Debiase is getting yelled at by his chick for losing to Daniel Bryan twice... His response? "SHUT UP". Exciting.

Backstage again, Nexus members are paranoid about John Cena... Apparently, I missed something in the first hour or 2... Hey, I tune in at 10:00 pm, sue me.

Backstage part 33 and 1/3... Sheamus and John Morrison appear to be finalists. Did I hear John Morrison say that Sheamus looked like Powder? Wow, now that's an obscure movie reference... One of the most bizarre films that I've ever seen.

King of the Ring, the Slammy Awards... Let's bring all of the oldschool ideas back in hopes to bring back older fans! Here's a better idea... Make the damn December Pay Per View called STARRCADE... It's a great name and a great tribute to wrestling's past. If Great American Bash can be used as a name, why not Starrcade? Better than "Tables, Ladders, and Chairs".

Some pageant winner is your host today... The King of the Ring final (two RAW finalists, coincidentally, a continued 'fuck you' to Smackdown) is Sheamus vs. John Morrison... Decent booking here with the finals ending up being a rematch from a recent Pay Per View match... if the WWE booked this correctly even further, they could make the rubber match at Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, although with the way the WWE has made Sheamus look like a CHUMP by losing to Santino recently, I'm not sure how many fans care about this match... I LAUGH OUT LOUD as Michael Cole seriously suggests that these wrestlers have a chance to join other KOTR winners, as if they'd be an equivalent to Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Triple H, and others who have won it.

Morrison seems to be selling like a champ in this match, actually making it a decent watch... Very nice Hurricane DDT counter by Morrison. While everyone jerks off the Miz for his Tough Enough background, where do you think John Morrison came from? Oh yeah, Sheamus, WORK ON THAT ARM, and the crowd is starting to eat it up... Wow, psychology in the match and the fans are cheering it. See how easy of a formula that is, WWE? Morrison missed his split-legged-flipping-maneuver (???), and it eventually resulted in a kick and then Razor's Edge (I have no idea what Sheamus calls them) for Sheamus to win the match. Very good effort by the two, as it's a good ending to the thrown together tournament.

Edge kidnapped Paul Bearer to get a title match against Kane? Oh the hilarity... The WWE is really pulling out the creative stops. What would even be more awesome is if Edge placed Paul Bearer in cement? Oh, that's been done already?

Ugh... the Miz vs. Jerry Lawler in a TLC match for our Main Event. I'll call it right now... If this is his first title match, his title reign is already a FAILURE. An entire roster of wrestlers and you get the guy at the commentator's table, one who is 61 years old today? Mostly chairs used, as the Miz gets cheapened up further as Champion by having Alex Riley interfering (although Riley got thrown through a table). More chair swinging, followed by a long sequence of the Miz on the top rope... But Miz did take a good bump into the table when Jerry eventually knocked him off. Fans in the crowd are cheering like crazy, as I see the WWE Title just get flushed down the drain as Jerry climbs the ladder... Then, Michael Cole grabs Lawler's leg. That's right, Michael Cole saved the Miz from losing his WWE title to Jerry Lawler. This distraction was enough to allow Miz to get up and climb the ladder. Jerry met him at the top, but the belt to the face was enough to end Jerry's 61 year old assed chance.

CONCLUSION: Screw you, WWE. You just shit all over your brand new WWE Champion by having him struggle to beat a 61 year old has been, especially with needed assistance by TWO people to beat a 61 year old wrestler. I know you're back there, Triple H, and you're possibly writing this shit. Just come out for next week's RAW and destroy the Miz already. Stop wasting our time with another scapegoating of a young wrestler whom you'll claim isn't a capable world champion. Just come out on and SMASH the Miz. The WWE ruined any potential opportunity last week and they've done long-term damage to the RAW brand and the WWE title with this stupidity. Fuck you, WWE, for your continued pissing on the World Title scenes.
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The Unholy One
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Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:18 pm

Honestly, it would have been better to see the King get the belt. At least it would have been something unpredictable... but of course... WWE had to yet again embarrass a legend and hall of famer and "play it safe."

Micheal Cole is a terrible actor.... even his cheering for Miz was fake and half assed "Whooo whoooing"

Why did I waste my time watching this shit?
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Branden Harvey
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Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:06 am

I've read a ton of excuses of the booking of the current WWE Champion, the Miz, taking on the inactive 61 year old Jerry "the King" Lawler. The excuses in favor of the match were as follows:

-"It's about entertainment!"

-"The Miz was never meant to be a serious WWE Champion."

-"It was nice to honor Jerry Lawler's birthday."

Yes, because there is so much relevance to someone's 61st birthday. Such a prominent number...

Secondly, the argument of making the Miz like the Honky Tonk Man, who hoarded the Intercontintental Title from June 1987 to August 1988, but in WWE Championship form. Honky Tonk Man either cheated or disqualified himself to retain the title and this was done repeatedly, insomuch that Honky actually headlined houseshows because fans wanted to see him lose BADLY. So thus, maybe using Alex Riley and/or Michael Cole is a sign of those times.

I'm sorry, but I view the World Titles as holding something of prominence to them. I don't care how much the Monday Night Wars combined with Vince Russo's crash-style booking has diminished title victories or title reigns. The World Title is historically held by your TOP GUY in the company, and historically speaking, wrestling companies are at their best when the feuds over the World Title are done with dignity and strong main eventers.

Thus, the "Money in the Bank" gimmick cheapens world title shots to me, but in my opinion, a champion is made worse when he's reduced to fighting an inactive 61 year old wrestler (although he does dabble in matches here and there) and needing Michael Cole to ultimately save him from losing the title.

And then there's Ric Flair, who received a few World Title shots during the mid-2000's. For one, Ric was actually an ACTIVE wrestler at the time and wrestling weekly. Additionally, although he looked broken down, Flair was still a relatively accomplished wrestler. So thus, if he's Edge's first opponent, that's better than facing a 61 year old Jerry Lawler (Flair was 57 at the time), and later, if he gives Triple H a run for his money, it's acceptable or at least more acceptable than a 61 year old Lawler.

Active > Inactive

Look at the strikes against the Miz:

-Current U.S. Champion, Daniel Bryan, OWNS him!

-"Money in the Bank" Championship victory over an injured and worn out Randy Orton, who was attacked by the Nexus before his match (and Orton sold the leg injury).

-Needed help from 2 people (Alex Riley & Michael Cole) to defeat an inactive 61 year old wrestler (though I respect Jerry Lawler immensely).

In the age where the WWE is dependent on live events drawing well, Pay Per View buyrates, and television ratings, the WWE needs a credible champion for fans to buy into. These 3 reasons are damaging to the current champion and the Miz will now be reminiscent of Randy Orton's crap 2004 reign and Jack Swagger's worthless reign.

As for the "Entertaining" part of things... The match was weak to me, as it was mostly reliant on chairshots and making a mockery of having ladders and tables around. Just not a high quality match, and I'll admit that I was biased heading into it because I was absolutely DISGUSTED as to what the WWE was doing to its WWE Champion. But the match itself wasn't great to me, and therefore, not entertaining. I found Sheamus vs. John Morrison to be a FAR MORE entertaining bout of the show.

THAT SAID - I am actually intrigued as to where Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole goes... I actually like Cole as a heel play-by-play announcer, and Lawler seemed to sell the betrayal by Cole quite well during the TLC match. But then again, Cole and Lawler are announcers and this is a wrestling show.
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